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Cloud-based technology to make your job easier

The Zeus platform is cloud-based Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) and requires no expensive and time-consuming integration. Zeus solutions are accessible from your web browser 24/7/365.

Zeus uses AI acting on real-time data to identify events in your supply chain before they become problems. With a heads-up, your team can proactively address issues thereby avoiding unnecessary expenses and disruptions.


Built for Security and Scalability

Haskell is the backend technology that helps us deliver high-quality software. There are various criteria to judge software quality, but the most important ones are correctness, maintenance, and performance.

Haskell facilitates writing code that scores high on all of these accounts. NASA, Tesla, most major banks, trading firms, and Meta (Facebook) all count on Haskell for high-reliability systems.

Why Zeus uses functional programming languages like Haskell:


Strong typing helps prevent errors in the code that could lead to problems somewhere down the path. Software written in Haskell tends to be secure, reliable, and bug-free.


Functional programming handles concurrency better, so these languages excel at complex tasks that involve parallel actions. Haskell is a perfect choice for high-load concurrent applications, such as supply chain tools or web backends.


Zeus is extensively user-configurable and most users will not require customization. However, no system can fully capture the nuance of your business processes with an off-the-shelf product.  Thanks to our Haskell back-end, we can tailor Zeus to meet your specific needs quickly, securely, and reliably.


Haskell encourages using the type system to model the business domain and make the assumptions explicit. As a result, refactoring the code and adapting it to changing requirements is much easier. The code is more readable and maintainable, and as a result, it is easier to find bugs and reduce the risk of exploits.

Connect internal teams, suppliers, logistics providers and clients

Zeus enables supply chain visibility by increasing connections and collaboration between internal departments, clients, and suppliers. We use APIs, agile methodologies, and fast, effective implementations to get you to a positive result, quickly.

We can connect with SAP, Oracle Netsuite, Infor and other popular ERP systems. ERP connectivity takes weeks to implement. You will start to see results in 30 days so that you can meet ROI targets.


Track your shipments

Streamline and automate your container tracking in order to save hours of labor, expedite your shipments and eliminate unnecessary demurrage and per diem charges. Real-time container tracking for shipments and containers, direct from ocean carriers, airlines, railroads, motor carriers, ports, terminals, and AIS.

Get real-time estimated time of departure (ETD), estimated time of arrival (ETA), actual time of departure (ATD), actual time of arrival (ATA), Gate-out Full, and Gate-In Empty updates so that you can manage last-mile delivery and understand which shipments might need some attention before incurring demurrage and detention fees or missed customer commitments.

Analytics Paper

API to US Customs

Submit and retrieve data from US Customs using our REST API. We provide an easy-to-implement and cost-effective connection to ACE so that your team can focus on adding value to your business rather than reinventing the wheel. We also provide consolidated shipment tracking, document delivery, AI based notifications, and Customs data via a single API.

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