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Supply Chain Mapping

Compliance with forced labor and environmental regulations, and CTPAT requirements means supply chain mapping has never been more crucial, and our technology simplifies the process. Regulations require businesses to validate extended supply chains. The most effective method is a thorough chain of custody audit trail supported by transaction documents.

The time to do due diligence is before a shipment gets held up at customs. Contact us to find out how you can do this in 6 to 12 weeks.

Comprehensive Mapping

Visualize suppliers and sub-suppliers down to the raw materials. Pinpoint potential risks and ensure transparency. Automate mapping and supplier detection for network visibility. This process can be accomplished in 6 to 12 weeks.

Transaction Traceability

When importing goods targeted for UFLPA enforcement, the standard of reasonable care is to perform continuous due diligence on your supply chain. This is achieved with a chain of custody audit on each transaction. A chain of custody audit requires identifying suppliers and sub-suppliers down to the raw materials and documenting each purchase/sale. We automate the process and flag for manual follow-up items that need human attention.

Before a shipment gets held up at customs, prepare a complete due diligence report with Zeus Supply Chain Mapping.

Supply Chain Mapping features

Supply Chain
Map Builder

Zeus takes the supplier information you already know and reaches out to sub-suppliers to map and identify suppliers down to raw materials. Your map shows how components come together into a finished product and who the suppliers were along the way.

Document & Data

Automated Document Collection from suppliers and sub-suppliers speeds up transaction traceability.  When automated processes fail, we flag the documents for human follow-up. Optional data extraction and cross-referencing with US Customs data gives additional insights.

Product-Specific Document Lists

Jeans have different components than vinyl floor tiles or an electric motor. Zeus partners with clients and industry experts to identify which components go into your products. All inputs are accounted for. There will be no surprises when your goods cross the border.

Supplier Risk Assessments

Staying up to date on your suppliers through a complex supply chain is a huge task. Zeus automatically checks your suppliers against checklists and scores suppliers based on proprietary metrics derived from US Customs data and publicly available risk data.


Experience plays a pivotal role in successful supply chain mapping. Our experts provide guidance, answer questions, and train your suppliers. Looking for additional assistance? Our consulting partners can aid in establishing a successful supply chain and transactional due diligence effort.


Have your suppliers and sub-suppliers upload certifications and due diligence documents. We help your suppliers identify which sub-suppliers need a reminder and track their internal progress to meet agreed-upon service levels.

Get in Touch

Don’t wait until you are facing detained goods, fines, or adverse press to start your supply chain due diligence. Contact us to find out how you can get started.


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