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Global Trade Compliance

Our Compliance Suite helps you stay on top of Customs and ESG requirements. Cross-border trade is complex enough without having to worry about missing documents,  incomplete supplier certifications, or an out of date product database.

Global Trade Compliance features

Trade Documents

Automate collection, categorizing, and retention of trade documents. Verify that the required trade documents are complete for a shipment against the automated document checklist.

Supply Chain Models

Model your supply chain from a trade compliance and ESG perspective. Retain supplier certifications and verify trade partners against OFAC and Sanctioned Persons/Entities lists. Show rationales and rules for FTA tariff shifting.

Product Database

A shared database of all your products and associated documents. Search by SKU, style, description, country of origin, and HTS Codes.

Show the rationale used for classifying goods.

Advanced Search

Search for all documents associated with an Entry Number, BOLs, Purchase Order, SKU or style numbers.

Audit Your Entries

Perform scheduled self-audits easily using automation, and retain records of your findings. Document any process improvements from audits.


A messaging tool that combines chat, email, and document sharing between your teams, suppliers, forwarders, and customs brokers.  Easily coordinate customs clearance and trade document collection.

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