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Zeus Control Tower

Things don’t always go according to plan. Control of your supply chain results from combining logistics visibility, inventory visibility and cross-functional team collaboration.

See where shipments are and what is in them. Know when shipments are arriving and keep all interested parties informed with automated notifications.

Know what is happening as it happens

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Understand how events impact your business with a single-window view of your supply chain across forwarders, suppliers, and clients.  Automated notifications driven by AI help you stay on top of rapidly changing events with ease.

Supply Chain Visibility Features

Zeus combines information on logistics events, inventory data, customs status, and contract terms with your clients, suppliers, and logistics partners. The outcome is easier decision-making, simple collaboration between teams, clients, and suppliers, and better operational outcomes.

Track Shipments

See all your freight as it moves in real-time. Accurate tracking for air, ocean, rail, and trucking in a single window.

Document Management

Document management on a per-shipment basis. No more chasing documents across organizations, time zones, and departments.

Inventory Visibility

SKU and Item-level visibility;
know when your goods arrive, manage manufacturing, prevent stock-outs, and proactively address customer concerns.

Shipment Messages

Email and chat organized on a per-shipment basis. Say goodbye to endless email chains and an overflowing inbox.

Automated Notifications

See arrival times, delays, and important deadlines. Avoid unnecessary demurrage and detention, reduce fire drills. Keep your clients up-to-date and happy.

Trade Compliance

Automatically collect trade documents from suppliers against a required list. Notifications protect you from missed deadlines for filings. Provide documents to clients and Customs authorities with one click.

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