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Our customs professionals are available to assist you with clearing goods through US customs, helping you comply with all relevant rules and regulations.



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Meet the executive team


Roger Crook


Roger builds large-scale organizations that use new thinking, technology and logistics expertise to deliver cutting edge supply chain solutions. He was formerly Global CEO, DHL Global Forwarding and Road Freight Division from 2011 to 2015. 


Valerie Cason

Director, Customs Operations

Valerie is a C-TPAT certified, licensed custom broker with over three decades in the customs brokerage industry. Valerie has worked with numerous companies heading their customs brokerage operations. She previously held the position of Import Brokerage Manager for DHL, JFK and BOS.

Christopher Wall


Christopher develops enterprise software companies and businesses powered by technology. His areas of specialty include logistics, insurance technology, and ERP systems. He has invested in and founded businesses in enterprise software, freight brokerage, and financial services.