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Customs Clearance

Our licensed brokers provide expert customs clearance into the USA and can help you find reliable trucking capacity to move your goods from port to warehouse. Provide information for clearance via our portal or API. We also provide surety bonds, cargo insurance, trade finance, and compliance consulting.

  Supply Chain Visibility tools are included at no extra cost.

Trade Document Library

A shared digital document library allows your team to access all trade documents. Selectively share documents with your clients and partners. Documents, stored according to Customs regulations, are retrieved in minutes.

Track Shipments

Real-time ocean, air, rail, and truck shipment tracking is included with customs clearance service. Always see where your shipments are.

Compliance Guidance

Your dedicated Customs Broker helps classify goods. Get expert help during procurement processes. Utilize the most advantageous tariff regime while adhering to the latest customs regulations.

See how it works with a demo.

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