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APIs for Customs & Consolidated Supply Chain Data

REST APIs connect you to US Customs with ease and reliability. Access data from our other solutions. Reduce data entry. Integrate with your ERP, TMS, and WMS. Push APIs and webhooks update your systems with changes and new data.


Get the modern connection to US Customs

Zeus provides a REST API connection to US Customs’ Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) and Automated Manifest System (AMS). The API is a single end-point allowing you to submit and retrieve information electronically to/from US Customs’ systems. No need to deal with legacy systems architecture, archaic UI, or ongoing maintenance. 


We also deliver API connections for data and analytics regarding shipment tracking, demurrage and detention avoidance, supply planning via a REST API for users who prefer to integrate with their TMS or ERP.

US Customs connection with one API enable you to:

Customs Filing

Submit customs filings e.g. ISF, Entry Summary (7501) and retrieve conveyance information

BI for Everyone

Retrieve your historical customs data for analysis and planning

Status Updates

Obtain real-time status updates for cargo release, cargo holds, in-bond approvals and arrivals

Reduce Fees

Reduce demurrage and detention or per diem charges

Verify PTT Acceptance

Verify permit to transfer (PTT) acceptance

Eliminate Rejections

Eliminate PTT and In-bond (7512) rejections

Designed with multiple types of users in mind

Our cIients are large-to-medium companies that buy and sell internationally in large B2B container-based transactions. They operate from, and trade with, any country in the world. Most operate with multiple freight forwarders and customs brokers.

Zeus also supports operations with supply chain technology providers, importers, BCOs, supply chain consultants, financial/tax auditors, NVOCCs, motor carriers, container freight stations, Customs exam sites, and foreign trade zones, distributors and freight consolidators.

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