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Leverage your duty
& tariff data to gain competitive advantage

Zeus uses AI to identify events in your supply chain that can lead to problems. With a heads up, your team can proactively address issues thereby avoiding unnecessary expenses


Turbocharge your operations with Zeus

Automated risk warnings and task updates prevent costly mistakes to ensure your goods arrive on time. Zeus reduces supply chain disruptions and helps mitigate risk.

Zeus uses AI technology to automate repeatable tasks. It accelerates how work is completed by routing information to the right person at the right time.

Identify savings in real time to scale your business profitably. Machine Learning and AI do the work to provide valuable insights.


How it works

Discover the steps between the creation of your account and the clearance of your goods

Create and set up your account

Describe the products that you are shipping and your company. We collect information to build and maintain your product database.

Validate the POA and sign

Use the POA form to declare your customs broker and sign. 

Meet your customs broker

Our AI algorithm pairs you with the best customs broker for your goods.

Collaborate with centralized messaging

Find all messages with attached documents as they are collected inside the platform rather than hunting through emails.

Gain supply chain visibility for everyone

Trade documents are collected and your shipment is automatically tracked on the platform for all parties to see. 

Save time with document storage

Trade documents are stored at no extra cost and can be retrived in case of an audit or issue.

Gain insights with reports

Real-time reporting is provided for logistics planning. Make easy payments for your duties and fees with just one click.

How it works

Accessible from your web browser 24/7/365

The Zeus platform is Software As A Service (SaaS) and requires no expensive and time-consuming integration. Our core application is written in high-performance and strongly-typed Haskell and has been audited for security.


Why are analytics important for your supply chain?

Zeus provides unit or SKU level data, so that you understand how much you are paying to transport your goods. Download the ebook to find out more.

Analytics Paper

Streamline the way you manage & track your goods

Zeus is designed for transparency and collaboration across your import/export process

Automated Tracking

Monitor goods with location and document tracking from purchase order to delivery. Automated warnings track progress and issues for you.

Streamlined Communication

Stay on top of every response, trade document and order update in one place.

Centralized Documents

Access packing lists, bills of lading, invoices, and other important documentation in one place.

Risk Analysis

Identify events that put your order ship date at risk with our machine-learning probability based assessment.


Review parts ordered last quarter, goods expected to deliver next month, duties paid, and more.

Complete Audit Trail

Keep relevant parties updated on changes that impact operations downstream. Time stamped documents and messages keep everyone in sync.

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