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Control Your Global Supply Chain

Keep your supply chain moving with AI acting on real-time data. Identify logistics events before they become supply chain problems. Getting accurate shipment visibility in real time reduces costs and facilitates more productive teams.

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Be proactive with the right technology

Zeus brings logistics and inventory visibility, document management, and collaboration tools together in one platform.  Your teams, suppliers, and clients understand what is happening in the supply chain.

In addition to our cloud visibility platform, our global network of customs brokers can clear your goods with all customs data, documentation, and statuses visible in one place.

Gain unique insights

Zeus unites multiple data streams into an easy to understand user interface. Quickly get a sense of what shipments need immediate attention, who needs to take action, and what the outcomes will be of your changes.

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Solve challenges faster

Connect systems and teams together to drive increased visibility from purchase order to delivery


Easily access actionable insights

The information you need to make decisions is usually hidden in emails, carrier websites, ERPs, and in your supplier's systems.  Zeus delivers it all to you in a single platform with notifications of events that need attention.

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